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Engram Hall, one of the most visible and oft-used buildings on the South Georgia College campus, added another chapter to its storied history Tuesday morning as individuals from throughout Georgia gathered in its lobby to celebrate a ribbon cutting for the newly-refurbished facility.


Engram Hall was built in 1970 and named after Irby Dell Engram, who served South Georgia College from 1946 to 1972. He began his SGC career as Professor of Social Science as well as Acting Dean and Registrar in 1946, and retired in 1972.  He was awarded the title of Academic Dean Emeritus and Professor of Social Science Emeritus in 1972.  He and his family lived on campus for most of that time.


For much of its history, Engram Hall has served a number of important functions, including housing Admissions and Financial Aid, the campus bookstore and the dining hall. Engram also contained two meeting rooms – a small room adjacent to the main dining hall on the first floor, and a larger banquet room upstairs. These two rooms hosted a number of community and regional events on a regular basis; as such, Engram Hall (along with Peterson Hall at the center of campus) is a building very familiar to visitors, community groups/partners, students and their families, and civic organizations.


Over the past few years, SGC has grown tremendously – over 45 percent since 2005. With this growth, Engram Hall became cramped and outdated. SGC needed to modernize the building and transform it into a welcome mat for its increasing numbers of students and visitors. One of the first capital projects funded by state bonds in over 10 years, the Engram Hall project was given the green light for a $3.75 million renovation in FY 2011.

Construction began in August 2011 to transform Engram Hall into a Student Success Center, a one-stop shop for all student services. Completed in June 2012, the project included moving the dining hall back to its original location near the center of campus. Engram now houses the departments of Admissions, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Office on the first floor. The bookstore, which was originally upstairs, is also located on the first floor. The upstairs area of Engram features contemporary meeting spaces and a large multi-purpose room for student/community events.


Tuesday morning, a number of distinguished guests and friends of the college were on hand for the ribbon cutting. William “Dink” NeSmith, Vice Chair of the Georgia Board of Regents, delivered the keynote address for the event. NeSmith stated that the goal of the Board of Regents – creating a more educated Georgia – was happening at SGC. He commended the college for embracing its new role as a state college, and strengthening its academic programs and student services to reflect its expanding mission. “I’m especially proud when I see institutions refurbish existing buildings and preserve their legacy for future generations,” stated NeSmith.


Nancy Juneau, CEO of Juneau Construction, also addressed the crowd. Juneau Construction has been involved in each project on SGC that has taken place over the last seven years. All told, over 200,000 square feet of space has been built or renovated at SGC since 2007. According to Juneau, during the Engram project, 47 percent of the work was performed by local contractors, and over $2.2 million was returned to the greater Douglas-Coffee County area.   


SGC was honored to have Tye Engram, Irby Dell Engram’s son, and Michael Moor, son of Ralph Moor, a friend and colleague of Irby Dell Engram, at the event. Also in attendance as special guests were Douglas Mayor James Dennis; SGC Foundation President Shelly McLean; State Sen. Greg Goggans; Gita Hendessi of Hendessi and Associates; and representatives from Lord, Aeck and Sargent.


At the conclusion of the program, Dr. Virginia Carson, South Georgia College President, took a few minutes to speak to those in attendance. “Words cannot express how excited and grateful I am to be standing in this fabulous new space and celebrating this special occasion with so many friends of the college. For the past three years we have been fortunate to have a ribbon cutting each year to announce the addition of a new or renovated building to enhance our college. Engram in particular is a milestone for our students and us.  The project is the first in several years in which we have received state funding and it is also extra special because it will be the welcome mat for prospective students and will allow us to better serve our students. On behalf of our faculty, staff and students, I am so thankful to the many wonderful partners and team of folks we have had involved in the capital improvements over the past five years at SGC.”

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A total of 198 South Georgia College students have earned a spot on the 2012 Spring Semester Dean’s List, according to an announcement by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Carl B. McDonald.  In addition, 24 students earned a spot on the Dean’s List for Part-Time Students.

Students on the Dean’s List attained a minimum grade point average of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale, carried at least 12 hours of academic work, and have satisfied all Learning Support requirements.  Students on the Dean’s List for Part-Time Students met the same requirements but carried 9-11 hours of academic work.

Here is the list of students who made Dean’s List and Dean’s List Part-Time by county:


Dean’s List: Kai A. Bowen, Dustin A. Clements, Melissa L. Griffin, Charraine D. Jones, Courtney K. Lawrence, Joshua K. Waters and Shandale N. Yawn

Dean’s List Part-Time: Anna L. Eason


Dean’s List: Isadora Dossey, Neyva N. Escalante, Jolene G. Garrity, Martha L. Garrity, Emily F. Gourley, William B. McKinnon, Jonathan M. Meeks, Onorio Molina, Maira L. Ramirez, Matthew S. Spivey and Shanna L. Summerlin

Dean’s List Part-Time: Christopher D. Davis, Rebecca R. Davis, Linsey B. Myers


Dean’s List: Alicia M. Mullis, Chelsea J. Porter and Erica C. Twiggs

Dean’s List Part-Time: Christi M. Medders and Brandon L. Straub


Dean’s List: Emily A. Ingram

Ben Hill

Tina L. Dixon, Jennifer K. Hall, Chad R. Morgan, Elizabeth L. Stone and Jason Stringer

Dean’s List Part-Time: Ivan De Los Santos and Dana L. Young


Audrey B. Copeland, Katelyn R. Davis and Stephanie E. Sutton


Dean’s List: Alisa M. Hutchinson, Murray T. Ricketson and Keith D. Riley


Dean’s List: Jeffrey Haineault


Dean’s List: Joseph R. Goble and Ryan J. LaPointe


Dean’s List: Zachary T. Brigham and Christa M. Sandlin

Dean’s List: Amanda C. Shively


Dean’s List: Adreian L. Mosely


Dean’s List: Brian M. Griffis


Dean’s List: Jasmaine E. Ataga, Phylicia J. Cutter, Hannah May and Steven P. Staebler


Dean’s List: Adriana L. Amerson, Minerva Arreguin, Maria L. Baez, Katherine E. Bates, Jacob Batten, Janie K. Bennett, Charles O. Brather, Jacob A. Brinkely, Kalie A. Burke, Brianna M. Busby, Whitnie Z. Camacho, Jordan M. Chriqui, Fara E. Clough, Jamica S. Coates, Taylor A. Craigue, Emily H. Cribb, Jorge E. Cruz, Justin S. Day, Kaci B. Day, Rebecca C. Denton, Courtney D. Devereaux, Aaron L. Drew, Leia B. Duerr, Emily B. Eastin, Marjorie A. Elrod, Jordan D. Farabow, Kameron Flanagan, Brian C. Fussell, Jana N. Fussell, Kimberly Goodman, Channing Grantham, Grayson R. Grantham, Rachel C. Gray, Kimberley A. Griffin, Adrian Guerrero, Jeremy B. Hallock, Lacey L. Harkleroad, Robert B. Harper, Joshua E. Harrison, Dakota C. Haynes, Clark R. Heidenreich, Blake Hendley, Thomas K. Henris, Margaret E. Hester, Brent E. Holland, Kelsea R. James, Erica C. Johnson, Kelly T. Jordan, Christy B. Lawrence, Nakayla S. London, Ageda S. Machuca, Gaudalupe Machuca, Desmond C. Martin, Danielle A. McArthur, Zackary J. McDowell, Patrick M. McGlynn, Jacob M. McQueen, Courtney E. McQuaig, Amy M. Meeks, Tisha M. Metts, James R. Miller, Logan S. Miller, Jacob S. Moore, Kaylon G. Moore, John L. Moseley, Maria Odums, Elizabeth Olguin, Toni Ott, Disha Y. Patel, Charles C. Patton, Dakota L. Price, Shelby S. Rumker, Haley B. Ryles, Rebekah N. Schwing, Hayley L. Sears, Becki T. Smith, Ericia C. Smith, Sarah V. Snipes, Ashlin K. Spivey, Jacob K. Stevens, Kacie L. Steverson, Vincent C. Thomas, Elizabeth A. Thurston, Nicole L. Torpea, Mary J. VanCleave, Gregory L. Vaughn, Jeremy C. Walker, Travis D. Wehmeier, Christina N. Williams, Steven L. Williams, Alyssa Wilson, Jessica J. Woods, Breanna L. Wright, Rudell P. Young and Hank W. Youngblood.

Dean’s List Part-Time: Rebekah Y. Beck, Emily G. Freeman, Cathy C. Herrington, Katherine N. Holliday, Joshua Morse, Teresa A. Odum, Erica S. Roberson, Tiffanie P. Roberts and Tyler Y. Ware.


Dean’s List: Isaiah R. Sanders


Dean’s List: Jack Toliver


Dean’s List: Javarris T. Gordon and Mitchell C. Sandifer


Dean’s List: Brittany R. Pinkney


Michael J. Waxman



Dean’s List: Brett M. Polachek and Chalyce Starks


Dean’s List: Whitney E. Harris


Dean’s List: Leslie Scott


Dean’s List: Karina M. Daniel, Monica S. Gibbs, Elizabeth G. Morgan, Emmaline M. Potts and Lizeth Tinajero

Dean’s List Part-Time: Jeresa T. Ellison

Jeff Davis

Dean’s List: Nathanael T. Beasley, Sabrina L. Burnette, Julie M. Clements, Morgan A. Coleman, Crystal Cook, Kayce J. Courson, Kalin J. Creamer, Linnie M. Hughes, Carly L. Jackson, Kimberly N. Lairsey, Angela J. Quillen, Stephen M. Reagin, Wade L. Rentz, Lorin A. Ricketson and Ashley N. Williams.

Dean’s List Part-Time: Lori B. Hancock, Anna K. Purser and Emma L. Yawn


Dean’s List: Reginique Stinson


Dean’s List: Marlee Phillips


Dean’s List: Michael A. Brewer, Robert D. Fiveash, Marrica R. Floyd, Tikita A. Galloway, Alexander J. Lamma, Richard A. Lindberg, Shelby B. Nettleton, Kishanbhai B. Patel, Andrew Pipken, Eddie Ponder and Brandi N. Tompkins.

Dean’s List Part-Time: Jared S. Scollin


Dean’s List: Watson A. Lunsford


Dean’s List Part-Time: Amber L. Buckins


Dean’s List: JaCobris Jackson


Dean’s List: Elizabeth D. Cole, Jasmine English, Jasmine R. Greene and Taneshia R. Porter


Dean’s List: Brice L. Knight and Charity M. Land



Dean’s List: Jessica B. Suber


Dean’s List: Samantha J. Dixon


Dean’s List: Megan E. Arnold, Laura E. Bennett, Sherrie R. Brauda, Andrew K. Porter and Tiffany C. Roberson

Dean’s List Part-Time: Traci E. Helms

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Walker White, a right-handed pitcher who spent his sophomore year with the South Georgia College Tigers, is now a professional baseball player. The Cleveland Indians selected White, a Douglas native who graduated from Coffee High School, in the 24th round of the 2012 Major League Baseball Draft. White is expected to sign with the Indians within the next week, and will then report to single A or low A ball in Ohio.


Getting drafted is something White has dreamed about for a long time. He knew he had a chance to go pro, but he didn’t think it would be this soon. During the 2011 season, he pitched for West Georgia. While in Carrollton, he spoke with a few scouts who said they had their eyes on him and would be interested in taking him a few years down the road. Then White returned to Douglas to pitch for the hometown Tigers. He finished the 2012 season with a 6-7 record and an ERA of 3.49. He threw 87 2/3 innings, struck out 59 and tallied one save.


During the GCAA Region XVII conference tournament in May, a scout for the Indians approached White. The scout told him that he thought he could White a workout after the tournament ended. About a week after the tournament was over, White went back to Atlanta for a private workout with Cleveland. On his first pitch of the workout, White says he hit 96 mph. “The scout just started laughing behind the gun. He said he thought I’d throw around 92,” says White. Throughout the bullpen session, White stayed between 94 and 96. That was good enough to get another workout with Cleveland, after which scouts told White they would likely take him. Then, on Wednesday morning, representatives from the Indians called White and told him his name was on the board. A few rounds later, Cleveland took White, and the righty received another call, this time telling him he was a pro. “It’s a dream come true for me. I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I’d like to thank all of my coaches, especially Coach Timothy and Coach Pye at South Georgia, and all the coaches I’ve had over the years. They’ve helped me get here. I also want to thank my family for supporting me and encouraging me to keep working hard,” says White.


Jeff Timothy, head baseball coach at SGC, says he was very happy to get White, even if it was just for one year. “He works extremely hard and gets after it every day. That’s why he’s where he is today. He was a real asset to our ball club, and I believe he’s going to be successful in the future,” he says. Assistant coach Corey Pye agrees with Timothy’s assessment. “He’s a very good pitcher with a live arm. Walker was workhorse for us. He went out there every day and gave us everything he had. He worked through some difficult situations and games, and now he’s being rewarded for never losing sight of his goals,” says Pye.

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Ongoing work by Georgia's public colleges and universities to increase college completion rates under Gov. Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia initiative will get a boost in the upcoming year with $72.5 million in new funds.


Deal and the General Assembly fully funded the University System's enrollment formula, and as a result, all 35 institutions will receive new funding to strengthen programs serving the system’s almost 320,000 students.


SGC will use approximately $450,000 in FY 2013 state allocations to address college completion efforts and institutional priorities.  Dr. Virginia Carson, SGC President, states, “We are very mindful of the fiscal challenges within our state and are very appreciative of this support to help provide needed additions in funding for academic and student support services.”


A portion of the budget will be used to help complete tasks and strategic plans in conjunction with the Complete College Georgia Initiative. SGC believes with additional measures, such as tutoring, early warning systems, tracking measures as well as other support services, students will perform better and be more successful in the classroom -- all with the end goal of helping ensure students begin their college experience with a clear direction to accomplish their goals and graduate on time.


Other key strategies for SGC this fiscal year involve creating and developing internal support structures to become a larger institution serving over 3,000 students and expanding its reach. As the College plans for consolidation with Waycross College on January 1, 2013, the administration must lay the groundwork now to help support the new college’s mission and broadened academic offerings.  Additionally, this August the first cohort of students will be admitted into the Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. With the state college classification approved last year for SGC, the institution must move toward developing a true four-year culture with the additional academic and support needs accrediting agencies expect. 


Plus, given that the new institution will indeed be larger than the faculty and staff at either school is accustomed to, systems and procedures must be created to handle the additional volume of students and services such immediate growth demands. The goal is to continue to grow, and SGC will set aside a portion of funds to help communicate the new institution’s mission and the many benefits students can gain from enrolling here.


“We are committed to our current and future students.  Our 2013 college strategic plans and funding allocations are all shaped to better position us to accomplish our goals and create a more educated Georgia,” comments Dr. Carson.
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Though 2012 is not yet halfway over, South Georgia College has already enjoyed a number of significant of events. None, though, have been any more significant than the college’s annual Awards Gala, which took place on Thursday, May 31, and honored the lives of 11 individuals who have played pivotal roles in the history of this storied institution. At the Gala, William A. “Billy” Crider Jr. received the 2012 SGC Alumnus of the Year Award, and the college also inducted the inaugural class of the SGC Athletic Hall of Fame. Ten former Tigers were included in the Hall of Fame Class of 2012 – six players and four coaches. Mark Schlabach, an author/commentator with ESPN who recently penned Called to Coach with former SGC head football coach Bobby Bowden, served as the keynote speaker for the event.


Terrell Jacobs, SGC Foundation vice president, presented Crider with the Alumni of the Year Award. Crider, who was born and raised in Douglas, moved with his family to Metter in 1977 after a very successful career in the poultry industry. After attending both South Georgia College and the University of Georgia, Crider started Crider Poultry in 1965. Five years later, Crider Poultry merged with Douglas Foods, which was later bought by Flowers Foods. Several years after the Flowers buyout, Crider made the move to Metter, and he started Crider, Inc., another poultry processing facility, in nearby Stillmore. Now, 35 years later, Crider, Inc., is recognized around the world as one of the market leaders not only in poultry products but also canned turkey, ham and beef.


“Mr. Crider’s support of young people and South Georgia College has been out of his generous spirit and desire to simply make a positive difference in the lives of others in his hometown and state. He is a true servant leader,” stated Mr. Jacobs. “Through tremendous work ethic and integrity, Mr. Crider has prospered and built a company recognized as an industry leader the world over.” Mr. Jacobs continued, adding that entire communities – not the least of which are Douglas and Coffee County – have prospered along with him. “Billy Crider has never abandoned his vision, his principles, his community or this college. This award is reserved for those individuals who have selflessly given back to their communities and have been ambassadors of the ideals set forth by this institution, and that is why Billy Crider is our 2012 Alumni of the Year,” he concluded.


Prior to the Alumnus of the Year presentation, 10 former athletes and coaches were inducted into the SGC Athletic Hall of Fame. The former players are as follows: Susan Cady Brooker, a two-time All American basketball player from 1977-1979; Jason Childers, a former Tiger baseball player in 1994 and 1995, won a national title at Kennesaw State University and later played with the Tampa Bay Rays; Pete Cox, who played football, baseball and basketball at SGC and later became one of the top amateur golfers in Georgia; Jesse Finch, a former baseball and football player who played with Team USA in an exhibition game at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics; Larry Hinson, a member of the PGA Tour who won the 1969 Greater New Orleans Open and has over 30 top 10 PGA finishes to his credit; and Eric Soderholm, an All American baseball player who won two state championships (1967, 1968) and played nine years in Major League Baseball.


Here are the former coaches: Bobby Bowden, who coached at SGC from 1955-1958, later won two national championships at Florida State University and is a member of the College Football Hall of Fame; the late George Cook, a four-time NJCAA Coach of the Year and back-to-back winner of the Southeast Coach of the Year Award, who led the Tigers to a pair of Junior College World Series Appearances (1969 and 1970); the late Vince Gibson, who served as Coach Bowden’s assistant and was later head football coach at Kansas State University, Louisville and Tulane; and Scotty Perkins, men’s basketball coach from 1959-1985 who was named Junior College Coach of the Year five times, GJCA Regional Coach of the Year two times and won six state championships.  


“Each of these individuals holds a special place in my heart. These student-athletes and coaches have helped forge the legacy of excellence and distinction that has allowed us to grow and prosper as we have in recent years. Ours is a stronger, more dynamic institution because they were here, and we are forever grateful for their contributions to South Georgia College,” said Dr. Virginia Carson, SGC president.

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On Thursday, May 31, South Georgia College will celebrate two very special events at its 2012 Awards Gala, which will take place in the SGC Wellness Center. At the Gala, SGC will induct the inaugural class of the South Georgia College Athletic Hall of Fame and announce the 2012 Alumni of the Year. The event will begin at 7 p.m., with ESPN columnist Mark Schlabach serving as keynote speaker.


Hall of Fame inductees include:

·         Bobby Bowden – Head football coach at SGC from 1955-1958. Also coached baseball and basketball. Amassed state titles in football and baseball while coaching the Tigers, and went on to win 377 games as a Division I head football coach, including two national titles. Went 22-15 as SGC head coach.

·         Susan Cady Brooker – Played basketball from 1975-1977. During ’75-’76 season, was top 10 in the state in scoring and rebounding, led Lady Tigers in rebounding and scoring, awarded team MVP and named All American. In ’76-’77 season, was again top 10 in state in scoring and rebounding and again named All American. Averaged 40 points per game before the three-point line and, as her coach, Grace James, likes to say, “could ring it from the Dairy Queen.”

·         Jason Childers – Pitched for former SGC head coach Scott Sims in 1994-1995. Went to state tournament both years. Tied school record of 129 strikeouts in 1995. Won a national title at Kennesaw State University in 1996 (threw complete game shutout in the title game) and was named Division II All America. Also named Division II Male Athlete of the Year 1in 1996 by the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.  Is also enshrined in KSU’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Enjoyed a long professional career with several teams and won a host of individual awards and championships from Rookie League to Triple A. During the 2006 baseball season, Childers made his big league debut on Opening Day with the Tampa Bay Rays. Finished with a 4.70 ERA for the Rays. Played several more years with the Chicago White Sox and Tampa Bay organizations, and one year in Mexico. Won a gold medal in the 2009 Baseball World Cup with Team USA and, that same year, won the International League championship with the Durham Bulls. Retired after playing the 2010 season in Mexico.

·         George Cook – Former head baseball coach and athletic director. Led SGC to two Junior College World Series appearances. Was a member of the SGC faculty from 1962-1975, and returned to SGC to serve as Director of College Relations in 1981 after leaving Georgia Southern University. Was honored as the Southeast Coach of the Year for back-to-back years in 1969 and 1970. Also named the Georgia Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Coach of the Year four times (1966, ’67, ’68 and 1970). For seven years, he served as the national president of the NJCAA College Baseball Coaches Association. In 1988, was inducted into the National Junior College Athletics Association Baseball Hall of Fame. Added to the Georgia Southern Baseball Wall of Fame in 2002. Coach Cook passed away in October 2011 in Statesboro.

·         Pete Cox -- After graduating from Albany High School, enrolled at South Georgia College, where he played football, baseball and basketball from 1952-1954. During his time as a Tiger, he was, at one time or another, MVP of all three teams. He was also MVP of the 1953 Golden Isles Bowl. When he left SGC, he served in the Korean War before enrolling at Furman University. At Furman, he played football and golf, and was re-united with his head football coach from SGC, Johnny Griffith. Enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an amateur golfer. Is also a member of the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Albany Sports Hall of Fame and Georgia Golf Hall of Fame.

·         Jesse Finch – Enjoyed a stellar high school and college athletic career, including two separate stints at SGC, where he played football and baseball. Also played baseball in the 1956 Summer Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. At the Olympics, played in front of the largest crowd to ever witness a baseball game. After Olympics, had scholarship offers from several Division I programs, and was also drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

·         Vince Gibson – Assistant football coach and head basketball coach at SGC under Bobby Bowden. After leaving SGC, served as head football coach at Kansas, Louisville and Tulane, and the New Orleans Night of the Arena Football League. Was named Big Eight Coach of the Year in 1970 and is also enshrined in the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and the Kansas State University Athletics Hall of Fame. Passed away in 2012 after a battle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

·         Larry Hinson – Won state and national championships in golf at SGC and East Tennessee State University. Was low medalist at the 1967 Division II golf national championship tournament. As a pro on the PGA Tour, won the 1969 Greater New Orleans Open by defeating Frank Beard on the third playoff hole. Has over 30 top-10 PGA finishes to his credit. Also won the 1971 Ben Hogan Award.

·         Scotty Perkins – Head men’s basketball coach from 1959-1985. Enjoyed a stellar playing career prior to becoming a coach. Is a member of the halls of fame at Williamsburg High School, University of the Cumberlands and Georgia Southern University. Was a remarkable player at the Cumberlands (then a junior college) and at Georgia Southern. Was drafted by the New York Knicks and the Syracuse Nationals in 1951. Played for the U.S. in the Pan American Games. Entered coaching after serving in the Air Force. At SGC, was named Junior College Coach of the Year five times, GJCA Regional Coach of the Year two times and won six state championships. He has 429 wins, and is currently ranked as the seventh winningest coach in Georgia by the Atlanta Tip-Off Club.

·         Eric Soderholm – Won back-to-back state baseball titles at SGC in 1967 and 1968 while playing for George Cook. Minnesota Twins drafted him in 1968. Played in the Major Leagues from 1971 to 1980 with the Twins, Chicago White Sox, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees. Was named 1977 American League Comeback Player of the Year while with the White Sox. Finished his nine-year career with a .264 batting average, 102 home runs and 383 RBI.


Prior to the Gala, Schlabach will be signing copies of his book, Called to Coach, which he wrote about Coach Bowden. Books will be available for purchase at the signing. The signing begins at 6 p.m.


Tickets are available for $100 each, and proceeds will benefit the SGC Foundation. To register or to receive more information regarding the Gala, contact the SGC Office of Advancement at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (912) 260-4273. Please RSVP by Tuesday, May 29.

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South Georgia College and Waycross College have entered a new phase of the consolidation process – giving a name to the new institution.


“South Georgia College and Waycross College will form a multi-campus institution with statewide reach.  This new institution will provide enhanced educational opportunities and additional economic impact for Georgia,” said Dr. Virginia Carson, president of South Georgia College who will also serve as president of the new institution.  “Naming the new institution is a very important endeavor and establishes the institution’s identity.”


Faculty, staff, students, and alumni from both campuses, as well as members of the Douglas and Waycross communities, are welcome to submit suggestions, said Dr. Mary Ellen Wilson, interim president of Waycross College.


“Waycross College and South Georgia College jointly believe it is important to solicit feedback from our campus and community stakeholders,” she said.  “Individuals, businesses, and community and government leaders are invited to participate in this process.”


Drs. Carson and Wilson have established five parameters to aid in the submission of potential names.


“The new institution will be a statewide institution, initially serving 3,000 students.  Its name should support the institution’s mission and serve to strengthen its academic reputation,” said Dr. Carson.


Dr. Wilson said the name should aid in the institution’s long-term growth as well as be easily incorporated into the college’s branding efforts.


“The name should also aid in enhancing economic development for Georgia,” she said.


Because the new institution will be designated as a state college by the University System of Georgia’s Board of Regents, Dr. Carson said the word “university” cannot be included.


Suggestions may be received in writing or through the completion of an online suggestion form, a link to which will be provided on the homepage of each institution’s website.


The deadline to receive suggestions is Monday, June 18.  A final decision will be made by the Board of Regents in August.


The consolidation process is the initiative of USG Chancellor Hank Huckaby, who envisions consolidation as an important part of his program to create greater efficiencies in the USG’s operations while enhancing academic opportunities for students.


When he announced the consolidation plan in January, Huckaby said, “Georgia needs more of its citizens completing some level of postsecondary education.  But we have to achieve this goal by considering some different approaches – approaches that put the needs of our students and the imperative to reach this goal first and foremost.”


For more information regarding the naming of the institution or to submit suggestions in writing, contact Walda Kight, Director of Community and Foundation Relations at South Georgia College (100 West College Park Drive, Douglas, GA, 31533; (912) 260-4274; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or Taylor Hereford, Director of Development and Community Services at Waycross College (2001 South Georgia Parkway, Waycross, GA, 31503; (912) 449-7510; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

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Among the SGC Tigers with at least 10 at-bats during last weekend’s Georgia Collegiate Athletic Association Region XVII State Tournament, Braddock Rowe, a sophomore catcher from Jacksonville, Fla., led the team in hitting while Douglas, Ga., sophomore Walker White emerged as SGC’s top pitcher. White went 1-0 with a 2.35 ERA in 7 2/3 innings, eliminating #3 seed Darton College from the tournament Saturday night. Rowe was also SGC’s only All-Tournament selection.

On Monday, the Tigers, who were two games away from a second consecutive appearance in the East Central District Tournament, lost 16-7 to Gordon College on Monday afternoon. Gordon went on to defeat second seed Georgia Perimeter for a chance to face the Middle Georgia College Warriors in the conference championship game. The Warriors defeated Gordon; however, both Gordon and MGC advance to the East Central District Tournament, which will be played in Cochran at Middle Georgia.

Rowe, who led the team in hitting this season with a .371 batting average and one home run and 33 RBI, hit .533 in the tournament with three RBI and a .611 on-base percentage. Designated hitter Kaleb Holbrook hit .400 with a pair of doubles, while Tyler Bashlor, Brett Polachek and Zach Brigham all hit above .300 in SGC’s four tournament games. Bashlor also picked up a save in one pitching appearance, throwing 2/3 of an inning to close out game one against Gordon. Jake Anthony started the first game against Gordon; he picked up the win but limped away with a 6.35 ERA.

For the season, the Tigers finished with a 28-32 mark overall, and 14-18 in conference play. Only two hitters – Rowe and J.D. Sabo – hit above .300 for the year. White, who posted a record of 6-7 with a 3.49 ERA, led the team in innings pitched with 87 2/3. Next was Jake Anthony (6-6, 3.95) with 82 innings pitched. Spencer Thomas (5-3, 3.72) threw 67 2/3 innings.

“I’m really proud of the way our team played down the stretch. We got off to a slow start, and we had to finish strong in order to make the playoffs. Our guys knew what they had to do and played with a sense of urgency over the last two weeks of the season. We would have liked to have made it back to the East Central tournament again this year, but we just came up a little short in the end. Gordon got hot after we beat them in our first game, and they made a solid run through the loser’s bracket for a chance at the championship. This season was a learning experience for our players and our coaching staff, and we’re already getting ready for the 2013 season,” stated first-year head coach Jeff Timothy.

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South Georgia College is excited to announce that the Engram Hall renovation project is nearly complete. After months of work to completely modernize the interior and portions of the exterior of this important building, the departments that will occupy Engram are ready to begin moving in.

During the week of May 21-25, the offices of Enrollment Management, which include Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar, Auxiliary Accountant, and Cashier, will move from their temporary location in Richey Hall to their new offices in Engram Hall. The move will take place in sequences, with several different offices scheduled to re-locate each day throughout the week. Enrollment Management and the Physical Plant are committed to ensuring that this project proceeds with as little disruption in services as possible.

Once all offices are in Engram Hall and the final touches are finished, this building will be a centerpiece for the SGC campus. A ribbon cutting for Engram Hall will be held on Tuesday, June 19. SGC will announce details of the ribbon cutting as the event nears.

“For decades, Engram Hall served as our student union, dining hall and community meeting room. It has always been one of the first buildings that our students and community members visited when they came to campus. As we have renovated this important building, our construction team has maintained the historic integrity of the structure while adding a number of important modern touches to make this a more customer-friendly facility. I think everyone -- our faculty/staff, students, parents and community members – will be very pleased with how this project has turned out. We thank you for your understanding during the move-in phase of the Engram Hall project, and we appreciate your patience as we strive to serve our campus community better,” states Dr. Virginia Carson, SGC President.

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The consolidation of Waycross College and South Georgia College took another step forward today with Board of Regents’ action on a mission statement for the new institution.

The statement reads as follows:

“New college, a state college of the University System of Georgia, is a multi-campus, student-centered institution offering high-quality associate and select baccalaureate degree programs.  The institution provides innovative teaching and learning experiences, a rich array of student activities and athletic programs, access to unique ecological sites, and residential options to create a diverse, globally-focused, and supportive learning environment.”

The new mission will be effective upon approval and accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and Board of Regents approval in January 2013.

“I am excited about our new mission and believe it is reflective of what we will strive to provide for higher education and students in our region,” said Dr. Virginia M. Carson, president of South Georgia College, who will also serve as president of the new institution.

Dr. Mary Ellen Wilson, interim president of Waycross College, said input was received across both campuses during the creation of the new mission.

“The mission statement was initially drafted and revised numerous times with input from various campus constituencies,” Dr. Wilson said.  “It establishes a solid foundation for the consolidated institution.”

Shelley Nickel, associate vice chancellor for Planning and Implementation, said the approval of the mission was “another milestone in the road to full consolidation.”

“(It is) really the foundation that is essential for all future work as the consolidation moves forward,” she said.  “(The statement) will be the guide that the campus implementation teams follow in creating (the) new institution focused on expanding opportunities for students and strengthening our ability to serve these students.”

In addition to approving the new institution’s mission statement, the Regents approved mission statements for three other consolidated institutions as well as name changes for two of those institutions.  A name change for the WC-SGC consolidation will be submitted for board approval later this year.

The consolidation process is the initiative of USG Chancellor Hank Huckaby, who envisions consolidation as an important part of his program to create greater efficiencies in the USG’s operations while enhancing academic opportunities for students.

When he announced the consolidation plan in January, Huckaby said, “Georgia needs more of its citizens completing some level of postsecondary education.  But we have to achieve this goal by considering some different approaches – approaches that put the needs of our students and the imperative to reach this goal first and foremost.”
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